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replacing of the womb ; one woman was put into the hos-
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In table III we note that after 3 hours' incubation the 10 per cent, atoxyl
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of death, for the muscles were remarkably wasted and flabby for an
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Perhaps the most interesting thing about our determinations of the
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application of a 50 per cent, solution of bimuriate of quinin, daily.
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micro-organisms have not had time to develop to any considerable extent
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he had never been troubled Avith diarrhea, but after drinking bouts his stools
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As to the necessity or policy of placing a patient in an
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with intense laryngitis, tracheitis, and bronchitis. The other showed a patch of
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2. Francis, E., Conditions Surrounding Tetanus Spores Artificially Implanted
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small number of them could develop themselves, being killed by anti-
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of serum II. The animals were kept under observation for a period of five
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in front and in back, and also slight dulness. There were no rales; and no dul-
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weight to heavy weight. The position of the patient may be o blame ?o
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Summary: We believe that the Medical Society of the State of North
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accompanied her this factor is entirely obscured by the factor of mus-
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CO2 in maximum concentration to keep it in solution; then the calcium
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gin of cartilage is left about each to form the joint surfaces? In all
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the action was regular and forcible. The second aortic sound was slightly
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Book Review: — The Elements of the Science of Nutrition. By Gbahajm
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negative than it was. When the influence of atropin terminates,
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contained in it are insoluble in cold water and acids, but easily soluble
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favorable for the growth of tubercle bacilli. For this purpose a
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Ten c.c. of urine are treated with 1 c.c. of the oxalate solution and allowed