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Until the recent studies by orthodiagraphic methods have been veri-
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extracts only. He therefore concluded that he had proved that heterologous
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October, 1888. Edited under the auspices of the Alumni and
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as suitable a medium for its multiplication as the skin epithelium.
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B. Herrick, M.D., and T. W. Eabhabt, M.D., Ancon Hospital
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or in anv change from the normal activity of the individual's blood.
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lowered as a whole during the dialysis, as is shown in the follow-
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form anesthesia, which causes actual liver necrosis and much
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of these studies need not be emphasized here. It is, however, quite
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of anaphylaxis, which has been sharply separated here for the first time
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for one dog, and more than 12.0 gm. for the other. De Filippi states
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Coppridge, W. M., Durham; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1918; U.N.C 1919 1920
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panosomes have been absent, without a recurrence, from the blood of one of
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for the virus, and develop paralysis promptly after inoculation of an
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same. In all experiments serum was superior to salt solution in
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view that the minute microorganism cultivated from poliomyelitic
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in the fetal adenomata. For this reason we look on these growths as
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It has been shown that we can clearly distinguish between three
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olism of Mother and Child Before and After Birth.")
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room through a register almost as rapidly when every means was taken to
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= 5oO ™" a^pL^Zr" ''■'* ^"' '■'-' "'P'«'-™'^^ ^«-™>™' --upp„
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nective tissue cells. These often were subdivided bv sub-bundles of tissue sepa-
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Salus, Gottlieb: Ueber das Wesen der biologischen Phiinomene in der Medizin
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was used to coagulate the plasma. The addition of the tissue extract
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pneumonia in man are, perhaps, more striking than those shown by

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health