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of atoxyl corresponding to i part in 300, and in the stronger dilutions of i in 100

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centrifugation was first carried out for a short time to throw down

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was given by none of the visceral or internal adipose fat extracts. The

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in chemically equivalent terms of iodin. There is a direct addition of the halogen

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President: Knox, John, Lumberton (Hon.); Univ. of Md., 1906 1907 1907

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coagulation in the majority of our animals. These studies showed

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the salt. Three experiments with 5 per cent, sodium chlorid averaged

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* Richter, P. F., Beitr. z. klin. Med., Festschr. f. Senator, 1904, 283; Berl. klin.

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ein excretion may rise above normal, indicating perhaps that the

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gestion of the blood-vessels of the brain in guinea-pigs. This, he con-

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It is evident from this work and from the work of others that

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A long list of authors come out strongly for the theory that hypoten-

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would refuse to eat the spleen, although hungry for other food.

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with regulation of temperature. With these chapters as a background, the effects

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gram to be worked out along lines similar to the Hospital Savings Asso-

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of this culture at 667 diameters, pictures one of the least differ-

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38. Seal, C. E. B.: Notes on a Few Cases of Hemoglobinuria in India, Jour.

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diet; these animals have survived four days and have received doses

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tubules, is only possible when the vessel-bearing stroma is intact. If this latter

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may be cubical but are more often columnar. The irregularities in the

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Rheumatism," 118 pp., 8vo, 1811; and a "Compendium of Lectures

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Aydlett, H. T., Greensboro, (Hon.); Univ. of Va., 1894 1895 1908

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health