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the product of the long axis and the short axis. By drawing the longest
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Bell, A. E., Mooresville, (Hon.) ; Univ. of Md., and Coll. of
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cytes are contained in tubules (figure 33). The testicular cells are
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noted that they seemed not to care for it, and when they did eat of
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man, Wake Forest; I. H. Manning, M.D., Chapel Hill; F. M. Hanes, M.D., Dur-
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luted tubule, glomeruli are finally included within the fibrotic patches
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disturbance to the patient incident to putting her in and taking her out
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Let it not be understood that any protest is here urged against the
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him to give up work. There had been a sliglit purpuric eruption on his legs;
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mother, and it is not allowed to employ it directly as such.
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stitutes our Society is the highest tribute that can be paid any doctor.
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of the rabbit's retinal vessels which lasted for days. He considers this
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far as surgical literature is concerned, of acute powers of diagnosis,
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was a decided drop in the output of indiean, the lower daily excretion
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Observations on Insect Flagellates. — These were first made by Eonald
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Fig. 7._Advanced concentric atrophy of all phalanges of fourth toe. The
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to light and accommodation: external ocular muscles appear normal. Alouth:
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Daland,^^ one; Baetjer,'^ seven; Dock,^^ one; Simon,^^ five; and Patter-
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of, and the highest temperature was 37.5° C, which was noted on
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questions relative to the life cycle of these flagellates, but it will be of
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The reactions of group III, the Pneumococcus mucosns group, are
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the stomach and will elicit an immediate intoxication, analogous to the
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those attacks were more severe than tliose which occurred during the later periods.
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sponsored in these cities. We are not asking for extra funds for these meet-
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instances cases showing no complement-binding power in the presence
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copious water-drinking is completed, however, and a return is made to.
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plasma is then recalcified by the addition of 0.5 per cent, calcium

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health