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A number of experimental difficulties were encountered in car-
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before admission he sailed from a ^Mediterranean port. He became seasick almost
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Treated Avith quinin — Attacks. Deaths. Mortality.
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plete dissociation. It is also very unfortunate that no graphic records
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22 to 29 years. Each experiment was divided into three periods, a pre-
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very few bulgaricus bacilli were present in the large intestine. In an earlier
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relative may have been derided, abused, and even ill-
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observations as close up to pai'turition and as soon thereafter as they
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much : all do it." Yes, for shame ! It also has become a
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pleted, many instances have been reported in which the symptoms
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such cases. Poole^ found that, of fifty-six cases studied by him, no less
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them rests on a firm foundation as regards absolute proof.
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this central bulging with the formation of egg-shaped central bodies has
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Fig. 17. — Rabbit 1, series 3; breast removed after injection of rabbits' fetuses.
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physicians, who were citizens of the United States and graduates of grade "A"
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products in the serum, they are not prevented from diffusing into the outer liquid
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as the day in question, although showing the maximum chlorin output,
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reactions were similar to those observed and described, except that the left testicle,
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nitrate after a diet of meat and after a diet of fat is almost the same ;
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will serve to explain in a great measure the almost proverbial uncertainty
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The changes in the urine described by Frerichs and his pupils were
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we want to thank the Federation of Woman's Clubs, the Auxiliary to
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auricular rate about 100; respiration irregular. Atropin, gr. 1/30 (0.002 gm.),

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health