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Many of the cells appear to be much swollen and they are frequently vacuolated.
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difficult adaptation from their preexisting site to an artificial environ-
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passion, fast living, excessive extravagance, or vices, and
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ing surface is present on which the relative balance of ferment-
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by syringe produced usually but slight effects on the respiration
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convulsions. A fatal termination occurred in twentv-one cases
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athletic contests are apt to show some increase in heart-rate on assuming
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Thompson, C. A., Sparta; Med. Coll. of Va., 1924; Wake Forest 1925 1926
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4. Lymphatic vessels and glands in contact with and transmitting oil
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both of these organisms. A limited number of experiments on man
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respectively. It is difficult to comprehend why, when a partial auriculo-
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health of both is of far greater importance than to restore
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chemical transformation of fat and the fact that this is the only viscus
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malar; Ji°™ fP™™<^5 ^"'^-^g "^er ten years' observation of the
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* Levaditi, C, Compt. rend. Soc. de bioi, 1913, Ixxiv, 1179; 1913, Ixxv, 202.
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liquid preparations of digitalis permanent in point of pharmacologic
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tubule. They therefore characterize the kidney in chronic uranium nephritis as
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It has been shown in this investigation that digitalis, administered
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slightly, not more than 10 mm., and within 5 minutes the pressure was at
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a third, or liberating, process begins, the transforming and binding
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Professor Bamberger related that, in each term, after
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of comparison with the cell-chamber counts, the object being to determine
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ondly, those in which there was a decreased catalytic activity of the blood.
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It was soon observed that a few open windows in a moving train admit
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death of the animal in a few minutes, unless artificial respiration was given.
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lesion consisted in a proliferation of the cells, both in the pulp and the
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12 : ?, gives 20,000 as the answer. Hence there must be 20,000 cubic
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days, two cubic centimeters of a 5 per cent, solution of carmine in

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health