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of the Committee on Maternal Welfare of the South Carolina Medical
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Van Zwaluwenhurg, J. G., and Warren, L. F. : Diagnostic value of the ortho-
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factor. This third factor appears only some time after the first infection.
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have cast much light not only upon the effect of the renal lesion on the function
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The experiments described indicate that, with a highly active
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In the curves of the patients under treatment with cligitahs, atten-
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subject, that the water period ended with the vessels of the circulatory
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with pure cultures, many investigators attempted active immuniza-
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which will unite with the bases present; with subsequent heating, how-
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afterward. This is a remarkable fact. The test made on April 30, six
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1. Despite the presence of a marked nephritis provided there are no
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1. Blackwater fever is a term that includes two types of hemoglobin-
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may be cut away from the pars nervosa, if care is exercised. With mani-
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become shallow or fail. Tracheotomy was only performed in one series of dogs
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substance obtained in vitro was identical with that formed in vivo in
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Total X., 8.942; total cal., 2.400 = 34 cal. per kg.
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cultures. A description of the methods used in preparing this ma-
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successful results, the majority report failures. Eustis, in the above
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not a great share of guilt of the above evil consequences rest
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In the interval the stools are normal or there is constipation. This has
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with psychology may be placed dietetics of the body and
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will be dissolved and the preparation will, in most cases, free itself
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health