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dilators of true (thoracicolumbar) sympathetic origin, because epi-
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be encouraged. They should reject all requests of this
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ing this period has markedly stimulated the secretion of gastric juice.
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14. Poscharissky (see Note 11) states that marrow tissue is alioays present
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minable, since the patient came under observation only after the perito-
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partum metabolism shows an increase of from 9 to 19 per cent, over the
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was 75, every beat coming through. At midnight, twenty-two minutes later, it was
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cerebral pressure was the cause of respiratory failure in these cases.
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vidual's blood over a long period of time practically no variation was
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was operated in the same manner as monkey 4. Monkey 6 received
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degree of response is in all cases underestimated. A further source
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bacteria, and hence was suitable for cultivation in a pure state
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certain infectious diseases comprises, in a \v\y Avell-chosen Avords,
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tivated from the air, at least in this environment.
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children. It superseded the contemporaneous work of Dr. D. Fran-
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cytes, and resting in places on circular and then on longitudinal muscle fibers
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anemias, diabetes and nephritis in man, and in anthrax and tuberculosis
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the sera were digested with the same tissue. The same should be
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microscopically. The animals were killed with chloroform at in-
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patients' sera; the other with animal sera in which the specific fer-
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and tetanus antitoxin are precipitated with the serum globulins.
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day (possibly two) in Case 1 and none at all with either of the other
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quite a considerable quantity of calcium and SO^ present together at one
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almost simultaneously with the auricular impulse, so that the two waves

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health