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Citron, J : Ueber Tuberkuloseantikorper und das Wesen der Tuberkulinreak-
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calculation using the long and the transverse diameters. In a series of
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fully, and then compare the color of the two test-tubes when they are
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in these secondary hyperplasias, but the process is as simple and straight-
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5. Due to the fact that our State is over 500 miles long and since the selection of our
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By adding thirty grams of cabbage, boiled for one-half hour at a
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diffusely over the medium and occur in pairs of short, ovoid, plump rods.
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more severe changes of the skin are seen, even gangrene. In intravenous
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the body, and various phases of the subject have been studied.
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phalanx, changes are found in the middle and later in tlie proximal
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briefly the normal anatomy of the renal stroma. Disse (38) has given a review
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vessels are not numerous, occupying mostly the extreme margin of the graft,
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induced by uterine conditions. We do not feel justified, therefore, in
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gestion a small hollow should have been found under each drop.
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weighs only 12^/2 pounds. Urine contains no phthalein.
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confirmed this clinical diagnosis. Case 55 deserves a moment's consider-
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edition, issued in 1860, contained 418 pp., and was a standard
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musculature, at a distance of about 3 to 4 cm. from the point of incision.
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and even cutting off and disintegrating portions of the rete, while itself invaded
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Conductivity in Various Regions of the Auricles of the Mammalian Heart. Am.
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dulness from the angle of the scapula down, with diminished breath sounds and
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was recorded under deep narcosis. As narcosis was diminished in intensity the
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pig, the rate of absorption being dependent largely upon its physical
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ash (by the glycerin method) of bones of different vertebrates, as follows :
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Lamy, H. : Tribune med., 1904, new series, ii, 725.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health