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conclusion that there was a very close relationship between increased
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observed in other cases that this report is offered.
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produced by the substances which have been employed. Toxemia of
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periments, irrespective of the character of the rats used or of the
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persons. A heated lymph does not give well-defined local symptoms
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weighing 207.7 gm. The dry weights of the stools for these days were
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conditions gives a constant output and rarely varies more than 10
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stances, but inhibits their action only in making insoluble the albuminous sub-
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These large cells cover extensive areas, are very numerous and constitute the
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lamina ganglionaris and multiformis are less frequently seen, or,
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was partly destroyed in a patch of fibrous myocarditis.
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Three cases of diabetes were normal, as were also three cardiac cases;
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phate. It is, indeed, probable that it is the CO, which accomplishes the
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existing between the spindle cells and the fibrous bundles in these
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ingested in large amount. When we consider the data from Experiment
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Sciences. He is best remembered as the discoverer of the tensor
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cerned, with our Cases 1 and 3. The agreement between his Case B and our
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rule in the testicle of the rabbit. That the virus multiplied in some
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place in the spot where it was found. The abundant fresh hemor-
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tine B. bifidus was quite abundant. In rat 26 (fed lactose for fifty days) B.
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umes were conducted by Price and Emlen, the third by Samuel
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meat infusion media, sterilized in the autoclave, with no other ad-
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with an emulsion of a testicular strain obtained from a rabbit inoculated with the
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health