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tion, 1.5 c.c. each of pituitary emulsion (0.5 gm. of glandular tissue) injected
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This prevents contamination with other nematodes and avoids the
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by the copious water ingestion. Finally, however, the excess fluid is with-
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(tral)eeula?) of the true capsule, constituting the stroma, extend into the
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on repeating it, this type of very early reaction is replaced by another.
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which cannot be considered negligible, for he notes the appearance of pressure
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eight editions and the latter, now in its twentj'-first, bids fair to
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period of four days a new formation of antibody begins. The antibody
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present. If recovered from the anterior chamber after twenty- four
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from the rectal temperature. Control tests to make sure the calorimeter
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conclusion simplifies the understanding of the " late stage " of Thorel very much.
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Although infection with Strongyloides intestinaUs is by no means
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Upon inoculation into monkeys poliomyelitis may fail to appear
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I have mentioned previously that Eosenau and Anderson tested a
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In the fifty cases tabulated pneumococci were isolated in twenty
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tures of pneumococcus by protection experiments on white mice,
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factors, — and in part by the fact that there has been no simple
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he submitted to cultivation in vitro. Levaditi observed that the
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of all animals. The washed specimen was treated in the same manner, except
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Taylor, E. H. E., Morganton; Tulane Univ., 1924; Wake Forest,
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esis does not, of course, explain the relative bradycardia, to account for
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with suspicion this ^^ religious influence." In general, the
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series of serum of different species, both in vivo and in vitro. In vitro
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minutes. All, or nearly all, is freed when the heating at ioo° C. is
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subject, whence she could communicate to the latter the time of day or
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sion, unexplained by other causes, is a fact of definite diagnostic value,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health