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stantly attacking the doctrim's of others or (h'fendiniii his own, and

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2 Yamanouchi, T., Compt. rend. Soc. de biol.. 1910. Ixviii, 120.

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Anatomical Diagnosis. — Chronic ulcerative pulmonary tuberculosis with cavity

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by 0.3 per cent, tricresol, 0.3 per cent, chloroform, and 0.3 per cent,

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For example : A patient passed 3,200 c.c. urine in twenty-four hours ;

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excreted in the urine. Therefore with no experimental evidence in favor

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said that he felt a little short of breath, but was quite comfortable. The

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velops the ground becomes unfavorable for the occurrence of such

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of Freund and Brahm (19), who noted that in fifty-eight cases they obtained

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in these regions. I have already called attention to the fact that climatic

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Between the eighth and the eleventh days the aula increases to a large,

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stain, showing spirilla. Magnification, 1,500 diameters.

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abscess cavity laid open witli probe entering from the first cavity.

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goats does not contain a substance which increases the secretory activity

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and fresh organs from rats and cats. The cultures from such

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of plasma. This fact may explain why clinically diphtheria is a

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ing been made on March 5. The rabbits were similarly negative on

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in a depancreatized dog by the introduction of a pancreatic product.

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p'berft pertour "'' ™"""'"™ '^ ^^"'™'-* '« ^'^'^ «*- feet

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in potentially alkaline solutions, such as the tissue fluids, the dicalcium

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during which the uniform ration was supplemented by the drinking of

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Fourteen normal rabbits were given an overwhelming dose of pncumococci

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in the ratio 1 to 80 gives the reaction of normal blood and is used for compari-

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Watkins, G. T., Jr., Durham; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1915; Wake Forest,

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taken throughout the entire dissection, else admixture with oil is reason-

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cultures of adult frog tissues. It is evident that in the reaction

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health