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The most suitable form in which to employ the remedy was found

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rhythm of the patient while not under the influence of digitalis.

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signs of nephritis. The diagnosis in the case of this patient was tabes

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dition that the changes in the intima make their appearance; these


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established. It is conveniently kept in the shops in a one-per-cent.

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of calibre and of pulsation, aneurysm probably involves a portion of

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and fruits appear in the market in the spring and summer the con-

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heredity of congenital defects in the growth of external parts. It is

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and in those who show any indication of cardiac or arterial degenera-

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a deterioration sufficient to be detected, within two hours' time.

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the patients are all indicated in the protocol. This protocol is almost

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as a preservative. In some cases, due to contamination with feces or

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tests were twice negative. Repeated examinations of the feces for intestinal

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fits of warm baths and mineral waters may be secured under exact

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lous ascites is further illustrated in a communication by Ormerod

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objects far apart in the system are approximated. Thus, in respect of

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winds, and accumulated in the supra-soil atmosphere of pent-up valleys.

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or compound, is known by its symptoms. Now symptoms of disease

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While arteriosclerosis is due to a soluble and diffused poison,

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varicose lymphatics. Low is of the opinion that in his case there was

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Pellagra Previous to 1914, Grouped According to Race, Sex

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the muscle of the heart or improving tho condition of the blood.

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escapes in this way in considerable quantity, as the penetration of

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heart ; von Recklinghausen found in the heart of a new-born child

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fourteen pellagrins with definite records in years subsequent to that

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stages it gradually increases in size, and it may then become stationary

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but it may produce very pronounced symptoms by pressure in other

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Accordingly they have a rather high mortality and excellent teeth !

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sidering, or whether they should relegate him to Group II. of cases

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vomiting. Patients often reach a point when they will fight the

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