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held probable. An instance suggesting this was encountered in a

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The production by vagus pressure of a partial block (Tracings 25, 26)

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incubation at 37° not quite enough transformed atoxyl is produced

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only in countries where the malarial infections are intense, and that such

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it the part of maintaining the fluidity of the blood, in that coagula-

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of beats is followed after 0.49 second by a c wave and a radial pulse.

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soup." On the other hand, cane sugar did not react in this way. The limited

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the lie to his monitor. There is another reason which

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crackers additional per meal. He also drank an additional 200 c.c. of water at

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19. Bordet, J., Le mecanisme de I'agglutination, Ann. dc I'lnst. Pasteur, iBgy,

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fine fibers, spindle and stellate cells (medullary substance), in which

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quite recently that the ingestion of large numbers of this organism by rats

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months old. The condition of the experiment was as in Experiment 3. The acid

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They are microphotographs of one of the upper extremities. As

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as nearly as possible normal conditions ■ of pressure within an abdomen,

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the organism a higher percentage of the ingested fluid was eliminated in

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and killed cultures of B. bulgaricus. The author further states that in young

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no constant relation to tb.e a wave-'. Tb.ey occur a1 dinVici t ])-i-inils 'lur-

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fainted. On the following morning, while in the bathroom he again lost con-

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of the lack 01 definition at the margin, since the heart is in active motion

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the water suspension; and rat 23 the same basic diet plus 50 c.c. of sterile milk.

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malarious region in the Philippine Islands and of similar regions in

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but is most abundant about the central part of each lobule, where,

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to clearness. The clear solution was pipetted into dark brown, tightly

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for a patient to desire an operation of the kind, and is the

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sodium soaps do to some extent become changed into calcium soaps, but

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protein diet (meat and eggs) to one in which carbohydrate predominated

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fied for anesthesia." Usually an anesthesia was maintained for two

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asmic or cachectic states resulting from imperfect metabolic processes.

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that the blood can still induce certain oxidations by means of hydrogen

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methods employed by Claypon and Starling were as follows. They first deter-

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is 1.3 c.c. of oxygen liberated in the first fifteen seconds. This is remark-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health