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or sophomores ; all were under twenty-four. Nearly all were of

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cal factor, in the production of choreic movements, but they have

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You are reminded that by action of the council accepting tlie

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III. Recitation or clinic. Friday, 12 to 1 p. m., after

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33; antisepsis of the clinical thermometer, Devine, W. H., 178; a new

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of the American Medical Association, 1915, lxv, 322.

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reference to the involvement of the nervous system in early

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and then laughs in a demented manner. He can still repeat after

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First aid to the injured. A survey of the present experience

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ing metamorphosis due to several factors : condensation, one

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to be hastening to a termination, and seen the marvelous resuscita-

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presented to us, and, we have no question, to others

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6. Use funnel or irrigation bottle and Langdon tube.

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presence of proteids, preferably casein, which prevent the for-

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pital, 1913-14 ; Resident Pathologist, ibid., 1914-1915 ; Instructor in Pathology,

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symptoms continue, such a condition is probable, and further

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the Union Protestant Infirmary ; Associate and Associate Professor of Surgery,

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ually I extend the glad hand and bid you welcome. On behalf of

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factors. When analyzed, it may be found that the coAisa morhi,

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surgeon should understand that the correct method of operating

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to the first case reported by Alzheimer 2 and the group of cases

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of Doctor of Medicine, or its equivalent, in some school of good

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empowers the Finance Committee to take the necessary steps looking

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the medical profession to need it, but I will say that such names are

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The paper by Dr. Bernard S. Arnulphy of Paris, France, on "The

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hearing. A second experimenter released the long pendulum of

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no murmurs; spleen enlarged, abdomen otherwise nega-

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and everywhere indicating how and why and where progress has

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Great enthusiasm' has been awakened in the medical profession

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ulation of activity of the muscles and nerves ; prevention of con-

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750 pages each, fully illustrated. Philadelphia, New York, Lon-

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relaxes the anterior part of the capsule. The posi-

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doubtful as to whether or not she was delirious. For example,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health