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defective glycolysis. Eather, he believes, excessive glycogenolysis is responsible

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stage of development ; but parasites of varying ages may also be seen

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Reuschel, F. : Vergleichende Bewertung der Tuberkulinreaktionen im Kinder-

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were revaccinated as follows : (a) an area with some of the virus used in the

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contractions of the abdominal muscles. The convulsions last from about

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malaria. In one of Webb's cases no quinin had been given before the

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it happened that not a single death occurred in the sour milk pens that were

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Experiment 18. — Rabbit. Aug. 2, 1912. Injected intravenously with one-

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tary action of the washing fluid is due to the presence of horse serum and

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5. Insurance Against Loss of Wages During Sickness. This was unre-

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panying decrease in the actual number of fecal bacteria during the water-

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periments have shown that the liver of white rats fed with fat con-

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M. D. Hill, Raleigh; Frank Wilson, Jr., Raleigh; Robert P. Morehead, Wake

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velopment of pneumococcus lesions of the lobar type in animals

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purulent meningitis from extension of a Staphylococcus aureus

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In the subsequent work, therefore, the organisms were grown on plain

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instances, the mice killed five months afterward have shown no demon-

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which we have marked h. These elevations occurring after the sharp

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perium. Eeasoning similar to that employed for the pregnant woman

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manner described. In all the same amount of blood was taken. The

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and consequently show no lesions characteristic of the disease.

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some of these substances. Without entering upon a discussion of

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Vol. I, 1859; Vol. 7, L. C. Butler added to the editorial staff; Vol. S,

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The allergic manifestations of scarlatina differ from those in glanders

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gland near the pancreas showed normal gland tissue in one small area: the rest

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The medulla is discussed with the rest of the chromaffin organs under the title

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of fibers in the nearby areolar tissue. Such a relation between the

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PMS (pre-Match syndrome). This condition was cured instantly at

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health