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descriptions and figures of most writers, the late prophase and anaphase with
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From the evidence which has accumulated regarding the relationship
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Carbon dioxid artificially produced was then introduced into this box,
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a primary sarcoma of the stomach ; and a most extreme secondary anemia,
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It was not until the year 187G that an approximate knowledge was
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saw in nurslings, after injections of only 0.1 c.c. cattle-serum, intense actions
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test was done by transferring 1.5 c.c. of the serum from the incubator into a
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of the commonest observations is the enlargement of the nucleus,
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According to the theory most generally accepted the islands of Langer-
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Delegates to Medical Society of Virginia — F. H. Garris, M.D., Lewiston;
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Three cases of diabetes were normal, as were also three cardiac cases;
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Rosenau was formerly director of the United States Laboratory of Public
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insanity ; the patients become also, sometimes, victims of
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The number of examinations on which this article is based is 175
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through the abdomen, producing multiple perforations of the intes-
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salol every three or four hours and kept on the following soluble diet for one
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culture of the infecting organism was obtained. In addition to the cultures, the
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deeply staining nuclei (figure lo). As the growth of connective
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which we have marked h. These elevations occurring after the sharp
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detailed laboratory records which accompany the charts we would direct
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favor of the leaf extracts. They asserted that neither digitalin nor digi-
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solution, followed by the application of a 20 per cent, ointment. The
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animals injected are given a plentiful supply of protein in their food.
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A comparison of the number of mitoses in the different species at the dif-
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Doses of 0.3 per cent, tricresol serum as large as 8 c.c. per kilo
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Dr. Calvin Graham Reid Penn. Med. Sch South Carolina
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101.3 and the count of white blood corpuscles was 8,000. A diagnosis of erysip-
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There were frequent attacks of vomiting throughout the day, and the sensations

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health