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mined the size and appearance of the breast in young virginal rabbits which had

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In the following pages I shall pass in review the whole subject, illus-

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3.30 p. M. Dog is deeply intoxicated and lies on side. 4.30 p. m. Vomits fluid

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by one person. In the right portion of this chart will be noticed the effect

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1. Heiberg, H. : Om lepra mutilans og trofoneurotiske forandringer ved

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afterward spontaneous involution. The apparent absolute immunity cor-

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15. Curry, Joseph J.: Blackwater (Hemoglobinuric) Fever, Jour. Am. Med.

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in tuberculosis, etc., but that the practical method of diagnosis b}' the

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seems to depend on the mechanical state of division of that sub-

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individuals who have never taken quinin; and that the red blood-cor-

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one centimeter deep. After congelation fifty cubic centimeters of

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storative Surgery of theEemale Pelvis (1878), Pendulum Leverage of

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University Javeriana U.-Columbia LSUMC-New Orleans Seoul National Univ.- PATH (SA)

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tination tests made with these strains and serum show that there was

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occurred periods of bradycardia, during which the ])ulse was sometimes

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* Clarus, D. I., Handbuch der ArzneimiitelleJire , Leipzig, 1856; pag. 963.

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again had full sway. This was noted during the first part of the final

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perhaps half an hour, there were scarcely any ventricular beats that were

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of cell division in the regenerating epithelium. Many authors have mentioned

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health