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reaction only because he has formed antibodies against tuberculosis on a

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The histological findings in this case are recorded in a paper read before the

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in his experiments the dogs were allowed to breathe spontaneously,

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A comparison of the cost is in favor of the rabbit vaccine. For

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Morel (President's Podium), Bronwyn Stonecipher (MT), Karen Pohlman (PT Jr.) Not Pictured:

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necrosis of the liver but in consequence of nephritis which (as in

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best results being obtained in young women, while the operation was

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colon-typhoid group can be distinguished by the fixation reaction.

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The method was of the simplest. Eabbits, cats, dogs and calves, under

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mentation before others have shed their skins. Often there are a few

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vasomotor center of the dog also exhibits reactions which are most

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All air contains carbon dioxid as a normal constituent. The average

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fourteen minutes after the injection (Tracing 8) shows that every auric-

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the lectures on a certain class of diseases, especially

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for thirty-nine samples from the streets of Chicago during the same

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as a thorough anatomist, and his opinion of difficult surgical

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7, the ammonia output averaged 2.960 gm. If we assume that the high

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Whipple made the important observation that the pathology of these

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the transforming power were then studied to determine more

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cultivation after heating at 60 C. but, as in the case of tubercle bacilli,

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is caused by the development at the point of inoculation of the gregarine

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volumes of the same character that have lately appeared, makes it

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the anriculovenous angle and is frequently considerably shorter than a

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rarely appear on the title page fthey an^ on llic title jtago oT \'ol. I

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Autopsy. — The membranes about the spinal cord were edematous. The pial

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health