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transmission time of 0.35. then one of 1.74 and then a bhicked a and so on. In
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soils as saprophytes than in normal skin, although they can be ob-
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sounds as on last note. Tracings taken at this time show a regular pulse with a
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leading to the widespread malady of hypochondriasis by
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cases, as late as the ninth, that one notices any reaction on its part.
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ties as a method of distinguishing higher and lower albuminous sub-
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transfer from one animal to another. Sixty passages in rabbits of
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tose, when fed in sufficient quantities, have a pronounced influence on
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results are to be ascribed to improper methods of analyvsis. Nothing- can
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I have never found any evidence of the conjugation of malarial
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gard to the editorial board. What shall we do with it?
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ing been made on March 5. The rabbits were similarly negative on
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Case 39. — Blood- Agar: Few clear colonies of definite greenish color.
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Medical Sciences. I lis most valnable i>a]>ers, from a pi-actical
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animal which had been injected with 469 gm. of cotton-seed oil during
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totally ankylosed. In a more advanced stage the distal and middle
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per cent, tricresol serum before the 5 c.c. which the figure shows. Moreover, the
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two hours. Pups A and C were killed with sudden overwhelming doses of
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ing, however, that is, the second day of increased fluid intake, the urinary
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influence of the moderate water-drinking. When the low water ingestion
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Jan. 5, 1905). A, pleural base; B, pleural pressure; C, abdominal pressure; D,
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catalytic activity of the blood as a clinical diagnostic method 624
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surface. This was verified by the greasiness, solubility in ether and
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tial for proper liver function and suggests that the pancreas may
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normal morphology of trypanosomes better than either of the
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indication of the probable prognostic value of hypotension, for it is
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to be induced by lack of oxygen, vie, cyanosis, edema, fat infiltration,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health