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space. Kramer^ suggests that tricresol be replaced by a formahn-serum mixture
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'^ ">■'' "«-'«" ^»= I4I i'J III III S S l1^ JiJ
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Mendel, L. B., and Ferry, E. L., Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., 1912, Ixxx, 307; Jour,
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by the work of Baehr (43), who has shown that severe damage may be done
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This practice was followed for twelve years, or until 1902, when the plan was abandoned; an equivalent
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the reaction with which we are least able to reckon.
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and in some cases disappeared. The tumors themselves showed a cessa-
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seen deaths from tuberculosis reduced per capita each year by education. We
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six minutes gave a characteristic rise. The curve corresponds quite
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several previous attacks of fever, "blackwater" being precipitated by quinin. The
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in common the quantitative allergy with the immediate reaction. If the
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denced by the fact that certain known saprophytic organisms when
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experiments except monkey 8 the blood pressure and respiration were recorded
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Quarterly. Two volumes, annually. Vols. 1-12, January, 1820, to
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This was inserted wliere desired, and tlien the smaller trocar. ])reviously connected
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In 1865 two writers, Braune in Germany and Duncan in Edinburgh,
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strable lesions; presumably in these animals the bacilli were destroyed
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The introduction of a pure vaccine into the public health service
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to be disregarded. And yet it is apparent that it is not only desirable
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said that Africa is the only country in which hemoglobinuric fever is
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glycerids of the fatty acids, such bodies as the eholesterins, the lecithins
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testicular strains of the virus, in which case an emulsion of testicle
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succeeding generations loses more and more of its original physiological

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health