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are based upon analogy with other classes of mammalia. There ex-
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down ; their knees weak and easily bending ; with such
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terol is slowly removed from the subcutaneous tissues of the guinea
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a hope of its preservation. " Non teneris vitae servandae
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dollars, even though this is far below the usual dues of similar profes-
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employed in our water study, this individual was placed on such a diet
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talin and digitoxin contained in the crude leaves. To this purified product
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Adrenal insufiiciency is accompanied by a fall in the phthalein
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the globulin fraction of the serum seems to promote the autodiges-
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that the patient was even more somnolent than on the previous day. Evening
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"with all its deticiencies, probably constitutes now, at the expiration
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Aerobic diphtheroids have been recovered by McNaught (41)
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idea of the relative amount or relative strength of the prothrombin
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for this reason to stain some of the parasites. Accordingly after
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verted ; but this can never make ^oX^-almse alloivahle to
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ino- the winter months, but without resnlt. At last, however, we succeeded in
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Torrey (i). The highest titer of the Torrey A immune serum with
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(hiy, he was none the less acquainted with the fundamental facts of
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of water, its oxygen supply, its content of excreta (overcrowd-
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To consider this program a special meeting of the House of Delegates was
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shall have administered to them a diphtheria immunization product
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spinal pressure. Had this been done it seems probable that the animal would
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to bed. Tl^e pulse remained slow and irregular. Attempts to move or rise w^ere
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utes later and another 6 c.c. of antigen were added to the supernatant fluid. A
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paper is based the favorable influence of milk feeding on mortality
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health