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been incited by only a few. Aside from personal rancorous

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But the damage done to a few individuals is more than

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gra. for some time. Under the influence of water this value was decreased,

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mal, could be given without modifying the pressure curve. Howell first

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output to 0.1500 gm. while the average daily value for the entire period

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are separated from each other by dense hyaline connective tissue, in which rem-

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which is all in the serum, the amount of CaO varying but little in mam- '

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to many physicians, that such reasoning smacks too much

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ventilator is placed over each alternate section of a sleeping-car; thus

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for transplantation. The method is promising enough for further

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Twenty-seven showed a stationary pulse-rate on taking erect position,

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remain increased over the normal figure throughout the period of observation.

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Before slight enlargements of the heart or changes in its position can

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cumference of the heart shadow (Fig. 1), namely, the right auriculo-

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dences of a wide-spread regeneration of the bone marrow. Zones of

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tant point, real relapses of scarlet fever. 2. All these symptoms have in

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Head, W. T., Campobello; Atlanta Coll. P.&S., 1911 1911 1923

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By March and the Match, they were tired of being students and infected

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8. Remarks on the Study of a Case Sliowing a Greatly Lengthened a-c Interval

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bring the lower end of the agar medium in contact with the surface

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slight increase in concentration. This increase is met by the kidney by

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the oxygen content of the residual air. This is effected by calculating the

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the student." In association with Dr. Francis Gurney Smith, Dr.

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Before approaching this complication, however, we shall have to

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Of these landmarks, a and b represent definite anatomical points and

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The specificity of the Abderhalden test has been estabhshed by

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health