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Barnes, Tiffany, Asheboro; Med. Coll. of Va., 1925; Wake Forest,
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tainly fatal to the child, afford but very slender chances
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pendently at about the same time, concurs in these opinions; and Eeich-
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dioxid content of the blood, is suggested as a contributory cause of hj^o-
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treated in exactly similar fashion could be explained in two ways.
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an early death, or to the fearful ravages of scrofula and
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must constantly be elaborated in his throat and, as this toxin is a nerve
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Such attacks yielded on three occasions to the administration subcu-
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John Bell (1796-1872) wrote (1) A Treatise on Baths and Mineral
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of giant-cell complexes, consisting of from six to twelve nuclei in
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defence, so that it is left without protection against a later infection.
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divided doses, allowing the cloudy or flocculent precipitate to form
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interest in the specific theory of the disease. In two excellent papers^^ this
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found (21), yet in compliance with Abderhalden's request only sera absolutely
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Protection. — The therapeutic value of the serum was tested experi-
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that as soon as a cell is injured its nucleus absorbs the stain. In the
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the presence or al)sence of spirilla in a given case. When examined in
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Enumeration of Formed Elements. — Of all the methods proposed
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18. Our analyses of these urines, while not complete at the time this is
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the follicles, which in turn is due to some obstruction of the paths of exit
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ticed, an Experimental Basis, The Archives Int. Med., 1910, vi, 314.
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By joining a and d we have the ordinary long diameter. The line
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McKay, W. P., Fayetteville; Tulane Univ., 1916; U.N.C 1916 1921
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that the councilor in each district be instructed to inform himself on the
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health