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Pituitary Body and Certain other Glandular Organs, Jour. Physiol., 1894, xvi, 1;

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satisfactorily for the results here reported even though this ex-

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period of pregnancy, can only be accomplished either by

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a-c time. Whether such ventricular beats are caused l)y the same impulses

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many stains, all of which proved unsatisfactory for cell-chamber use in

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the ventricle is contracting at a rate of about 40 to the minute. If the

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as the successor of Rush at the Pennsylvania Hospital, to which he

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carried out directly through the roof of the car and play no part in the

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lUtes after the injection. This dog tolerated 15 c.c. more of tricresol serum

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tory influence. Leo Loeb's important studies on the sexual cycle in the female

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lations was ascertained by titrating the antiserum at intervals against

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transverse colon, spleen, left kidney, pancreas, omentum and numerous enlarged

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framework of some sort is necessary in the medium in which the

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formed bj- connective tissue rather loose, infiltrated witli lymphocytes and leuko-

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propriate amount of ether to the cold sterile horse serum in a tightly stoppered

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Local Applications of Tricresol Solutions to the Medulla. — This series of

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early as on the 7th day, although the wound does not close for 3 or 4 days later.

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against o.i, or rarely 0.2, of a cubic centimeter of a twenty- four hour

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hypochondriasis and hysteria, lunacy and clairvoyance ;

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and, in order to catch any possibly very young and therefore

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what violent agitation against it, although the agitation has

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In rats 7 and 8 one cubic centimeter of Berkefeld and of boiled extract was

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thrombin is about equal to a i to 40,000 solution of hirudin.

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layers of epithelium; uterus not congested; ovaries negative (Fig. 15).

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health