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that seeks it, and be, in the ])rofession he adorned, a monument to

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With any given air-supply the carbon dioxid representing respiratory

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gm." to '^ess than 8.0 gm." per kilo of dog weight when the sugar was

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March 9: Sixty-five gm. of glucose with 3CfO gm. of meat and three pancreas.

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be cured ; but it is evident, from a consideration of the records of patients

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tuberculosis even if the lesion found is a renal one."

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Tscherepkin in 1876. The latter states that the people of Tashkent

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Since the solution and precipitation of calcium by blood-serum is

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pig survives the acute shock and is injected again a short time afterward,

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in the circulating hlood for the first time during the second day of the

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view : it shows that the circulating blood is not delicately balanced in

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Case 54. — Patient. — E. S., white woman, aged 32. Obstetrical No. 3879.

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An interesting case that might be mentioned here was one in which

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incommoda . . . ncque dolor es valde acerhos caiisant.^^ ^^ Cum

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14. Billroth: Miillers Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1856, p. 144.

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pronounced outpouring of chlorids on the first day following the period

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Fig. 9. A young parasite attached to a decolorized peripheral mound.

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arrangement of the meals and the volume of extra water ingested each day of

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Tydeman, F. W. L., San Francisco, California; N. C. Med. Coll.,

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days. These seem to occur without relation to the nature of the experiment. If

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treated witli 0.1 per cent, liquor formaldehydi were used. They conclude

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Jacocks, W. P., Delhi, India; Univ. of Pa., 1911 1911 1913

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a sharp reaction (text-figure i). The third injection was deferred forty-eight

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2. In diseases of the respiratory tract there is a slight decline in the cata-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health