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to fever, but in tuberculosis unlike vaccinia the allergen is not destroyed :
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antibodies could be produced to antitoxins, agglutinins, precipitins, and the like.
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and Cultivation of Tubercle Bacilli Directly from the
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when a bed-bug is fed on a patient suffering from kala-azar :
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is followed by increased elimination of urinary nitrogen, sulphur,
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symptoms. The animal was in excellent condition at the end of the experiment,
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aisle follow each other consistently. Both vary from time to time in a
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normal sputum. Their lower virulence and general characters seem
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sylhibns to his Course on Surgery, and some slioii: essays and
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apparently without much nausea. After this time he would take no nourishment
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appears retracted and lying free in the lumen of the follicle. The
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hours, and so no results were obtained from these inoculations.
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reproduction, limited vitality of the trypanosomes, and a strong de-
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its head was a firm, hard mass of enlarged glands, half or three-quarters of an
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Old tuberculin gave the same results in exact proportion to the bulk
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lower 22 times (55 per cent.), less 9 times (22.5 per cent.), and they were
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second test made twenty-four hours later. ^^ °"" "
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Sutton, Carl W., Richlands, (Hon.); Tulane Med. Coll., 1905;
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sure to zero or negative, which change affects directly the circulatory and
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straight tubules and a few of the convoluted tubules may exhibit
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animal refused food, soon became careless of habit and showed such evi-
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C. was very sensitive and agreed closely with a number of other good thermome-
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health