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2. When normal intact mice are fed daily with fresh spleen, they

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observed deposits in the left auricle in a case of myocarditis, and Kiitt-

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world to establish ovariotomy as a legitimate operation, and he |

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consideration as do other patients j but, at the same time,

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the patient has lost control of muscular action. Never-

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organism is destroyed outside the cells or taken up by the leukocytes.

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urticarial or measles-like character, and pains in the joints after an incu-

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ined exactly like that of the previous series, beef serum being used instead of

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in this respect from any other known disease. So far as I am aware,

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effect than the first is probably explained by our observation. For

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63.8 per cent, it is higher than the aisle, and in 15.8 per cent, they

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26. Wells and :Mitchell: Studies in Calcification and Ossification, III, Jour.

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operation secured the services of Dr. Vance P. Peery of Kinston as chair-

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definite order. Originally it appeared to us that T3 altered earlier

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characters of the loops of Henle, which here dip into the medulla.

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amination which showed a progressive lung condition.

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neously : viz., HoKOo = K -f H.O + and HoKOo -f guaiac = K +

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admission. Hemoglobinuria did not follow one dose of quinin given on admis-

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necrosis occurs in animals which have received a diet of fat.

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transfers, is wholly without power to incite poliomyelitis upon

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I'ig. 4. — ^Monkey 2: Spleen, sliowing central portion of the Malpighian follicle,

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toxic than the corresponding dilution of the 10 per cent, solution, v/as observed

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Dalton, B. B.. Liberty; Duke, 1932; U.N.C 1933 1935

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health