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The obvious errors encountered in the French method were recognized

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Whipple, G. H., and Speed, J. S. Liver Z^ Joseph Gardner. Antibody for-

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reaction depending on the fixation of only one complement unit, it has

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and 6 c.c. of tricresol serum. The dose now injected caused a drop

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ences in pharmacologic strength. This variation in pharmacologic effi-

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Sisk, C. N., Waynesville; Univ. of Nashville, 1905 1922

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check in case of emergency. In the other a small phial containing 5 c.c.

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eases to be. Hemoglobinuric fever is probably transmitted by an insect

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time would have been 1.885 sq. M. On June 3 the weight was 70 kg.

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this central bulging with the formation of egg-shaped central bodies has

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tiva and genitalia. Even here, however, occasionally other types

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celloidin solution is sterile but if, for any reason, there is need of

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(1) Soo Trans, of tlK' I'.-itli. Soc of niil.-idcliihia. Vol. X, ]). L'l'it.

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examination, but finally a specimen was obtained in which larvae were found.

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the ventricles. Auricular ])ulsations were manifest by a slight audible

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hind-brain without passing it through the circle of Willis.

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a profound sense of the magnitude of his self-imposed tasks. They

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crystals) and found that it gave the reactions of a pentose. We have

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In the hroadest conception, there are no anatomical changes seen in

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and they are large enough to be easily seen with the low power of

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Table 3. — Limit of Glucose Assimilation in Dog 6*

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this disease. In about 80 per cent, of cases of pneumonia, pneu-

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number of simple bacillary contaminators analogous to such organ-

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connection between the thickness of the regenerating epithelium and the time of

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was partly destroyed in a patch of fibrous myocarditis.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health