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by blood, and we are not able to ofler any explanation for the high amount

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"also the first, it is believed, to observe color blindness as a patho-

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Clark, D. D., Clarkton; Med. Coll. of Va., 1917 1917

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I to 10,000, I to 30,000, I to 100,000. The skin and cornea were

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nuclear stain, enclosing spaces having much the appearance of cells show-

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Strain A. — Several strains of proteus bacilli have been used.

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(a) Carcinoma from fetal adenoma (carcinoma simplex)

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the animals died after these injections, but as the doses are very high, and as we

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used in abdominal paracentesis for the removal of ascitic fluid. He found

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increase in the stroma; the compressed follicles; the desquamation and perhaps

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one case developing within six months, and eight within one year after

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Dickson, M. S., Oakboro; Med. Coll. 'of S. C, 1927 1927 1929

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blood pressure in a monkey. For these reasons I cannot agree with Voegtlin

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of the planimeter, an instrument used by engineers for measuring irregu-

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of 1*333 (table II) and with an infant immune serum at 1:100

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able. The liver and spleen were of about the same size as on the last note. Red

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Hagentorn (1902) considers al)dominal pressure })0sitive, e.\ce])t wlieu

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B. C. Willis, M.D. (From Hospital Association) Rocky Mount

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disappeared and patient appeared more eonifortable. Splenic dulness fiom fifth

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the knee-chest position, as supporting this theory. Tn rejily to this it

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immunized aplastic rabbit this action has apparently occurred at a

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of the substratum by the use of a verj^ similar method. Namely, he used for

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ative merely because it is frequently associated with a disease has gener-

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Loyola Univ. Med. Ohio State University Medical Sch. of Assiut State University-New

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The primary fall in pressure was much less, resembling in this respect

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health