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whether the mass was continuous with the spleen or not. The liver was enlarged

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reaction and the early reaction in serum disease and yaccinia The^e

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may have been the efficient factor in causing a more marked lessening of

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fetus as compared with that of tlie mother must be insignificant in

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Ord^ has pointed out, all cases of myxedema are preceded by an active

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seen. In several cases the destruction of follicles through lympho-

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duration of life of animals which have died serves as a further indication of

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interval after inoculation varied in the different experiments, except

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Fig. 13. Normal vitally stained rabbit. The second convoluted tubule is

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impairment of the senses increases, there is progressive

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which surrounds the graft; their shape or size is not changed by the surrounding

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extract should produce an increased muscular contraction or tonus of

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23. All our animals under experiment at the time were ill with epidemic

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taken is given at the left. A is the control. B, C, and D were taken under the

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tinuation of Figure 12 after point e. A minimal amount of antibodies is

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cient basis for generalization, and as this is only the seventh case reported

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quet. After four hours, as the earliest time, more generally after twelve

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failure of normal cardiovascular response to exercise or change of ])osi-

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Second vaccination, Feb. 12, 1915. The three places previously vaccinated

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one from the other, but that certain distinctions exist between them,

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If we divide our cases on the basis of their nutrition, we find of the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health