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presence, however, was later shown to be incidental and not con-

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chicks were divided into equal lots, usually six. Pens i, 2, and 3

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biological findings. As the oldest observation of allergy — even though

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ferent from the allergen of the horse-serum. There is no reason for such a

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in the infected animals and in those not inoculated. It has been

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in rat than in pigeon skin. The number of mitoses is also slightly greater and

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10). The stoppage in expiration must therefore be interpreted, it

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system and the tissues are water laden and are endeavoring to maintain

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The weight had fallen 20 per cent. Complete extraction showed that

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they may be assumed to have a high degree of susceptibility to pneu-

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creatin, sodium oxalate, pepsin, peptone .,Lh^tt J'"'>^ ,"f '' ""jectiona ot pan-

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was vomiting or retching Avith an empty stomach. There was no nausea and the

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With animals the serum was taken from the carotid artery. The blood was

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Necrosis (5) of medullary striae, of convoluted tubules

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faithful rendering of the original. At first, indeed, I had contemplated

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cificity depending on their kind, but depending only on the species of animals

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4. During measles. Von Pirquet and Preisich demonstrated that in

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mals present marked variations, depending mainly upon the \ irulence

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tical with the liicaticm of tlie bite of Sfeyonii/ia ralopus.

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quently at this period ; they are situated either in the periphery or further towards

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the normal structvire of the liver except scattered clumps of fragmentary liver

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an animal will recover from a very severe infection (experiment 38).

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ward flow from the forward end of the car. Both doors were closed.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health