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with injection of tubercle bacilli, that these micro-organisms produce

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splenic pulp from cases of kala-azar, using an acid sodium citrate medium

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ODe. The primary toxic part. A, of the eel-serum meets the antitoxin

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stated) into the testicle of a rabbit and noted the production of necrosis and

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A new method of investigation of experimental nephritis has been afforded

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Reynolds, C. V., Raleigh, (Hon.) ; Univ. of N. Y., 1895 1895 1896

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ever, an accepted fact that the estivo-autumnal plasmodia are more fre-

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White, remarks: "It is safe to say that this magnificent monu-

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bodies; the time if incubation is the time necessary for the formation of

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ously shaped. It is often round or oval, and occasionally drawn out into

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serum trypanosomes move more rapidly than in the presence of

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quality and quantity as the condition of the appetite would permit.

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difficult stibjects which it embraces." It was first issued In 1826,

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apex this is easily heard as a slight, soft sound. This sound is also heard, but

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Black, Paul A. L., Wilmington; The Coll. of Medical Evangel-

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:h injection (figure 3) another injection of 5 c.c. of tricresol serum was

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= 23:60o'c„"'ft."pe'rZf "' ''' "'"' '"' -*-«-y^ ■e,uivalent air-supp,,

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Macroscopically the bones presented nothing remarkable. Micro-

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constant under both sets of conditions. We gained further the im-

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their early youth. His further ideas — that this first infection was brought

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parison of the contamination. These included street-cars, elevated cars,

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in which there was a marked variation in the catalytic activity of the

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The opinions cited above are essentially the same as those which Metchni-

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of antibodies in the circulation of animals experimentally inoculated

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insoluble salt not decomposed in the digestive tract. The salt particles

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health