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deviation as evolved by Bordet and Gengou, in 1901, a large number
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tricresol horse serum to the medulla. Before each application the cerebrospinal
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towards the inside by the stripe of white matter or fibers. In
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head of the pancreas, and behind the first portion of the duodenum, lined with
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krankheit, Handbuch der pathogenischen Mikroorganismen (Kolle and Wasser-
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solution appears to have produced many times as much transformed
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rated from each other by broad hyaline connective tissue septa, compressing the
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gland becomes larger, softer and takes on a brighter red color. Micro-
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though there was no constant relation between the grade of anemia and
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balanced by an anti ferment the organism would die immediately
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consequent tuberculinization. They differ from von Pirquet and Schick
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By transferring them every day or every second day I have been able to
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seriousl}'' consider the necrosis to be dependent upon an acidosis in
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Smoot, J. E., Concord, (Hon.); Bait. Med. Coll., 1893 1894 1902
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cannot be delivered per vias natufales^ and both mother
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states. Van der Scheer," Hanley,=« Thin,^^ Howard,^'> Oeconomou,^^ Le
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comparatively little pain beyond the seldom very disagree-
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with a rise in pulse-rate on assuming erect position.
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Further study may show that some of these conclusions require jnodi-
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be done in the event of a physician not being at hand ?
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carbon d.ox.d to go above ten in any but this one condition unlelfhe

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health