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shaken for a period of five or more minutes. After twenty minutes, the
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reaction could be obtained by the injection of the same amount of a
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lying comfortably in bed, breathing at ease. Eyes: Pupils equal, regular, react
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supply for each car, according to the formula given above. This we may
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cultures were often many generations removed from the brain frag-
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and explaining all normal and abnormal, real and imagi-
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chlorid excretion for this day was not only higher than that for any day
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and vascular infiltrations are pronounced (figures 2 and 3) ; the anterior gray
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ether or plain horse serum series, — initial rise of the blood pressure followed by
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prised that the distinction between the two diseases was not sooner
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of a crisis an arbitrarj^ line has been set at more than fifty nucleated reds
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tribution of kala-azar is very like that of hemoglobinuric fever, so far
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For the 153 observations the average carbon dioxid is 7.19 per 10,000.
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greatest of Philadelphia clinicians. His chief claim to distinction
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Anatomic Diagnosis. — Arteriosclerosis; chronic fibrous myocarditis; cardiac
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March 5: Temperature subnormal, patient comfortable. S]iUH'n smaller.
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or twenty days after ligating the renal artery, provided that he wrapped
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all the adrenal medulla is destroyed, there still remains more than half of all
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was due to the large doses, he reduced these to 0.5 of a gram given
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2. Dutton, J. E. and Todd, J. L.: First Report of the Trypanosomiasis
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absorbability of injected fats, no successful application can be made of
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the literature. Where large numbers of trypanosomes are used to
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of the individual allows earlier detection through more careful observa-
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ber smaller diffuse fibrinous lesions. While the animals receiving the larger
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health