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it in water heated to the requisite temperature. Time was not counted until a
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the active principles as compared with that of the leaf extracts was fully
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1. Pressure on solid viscera (liver, kidney, spleen), which cannot be
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the bundle of His is not wholly incapable of performing its functions.
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them to this particular factor of the treatment: The blood-pressure dropped
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As controls on the experiments in which blood incubated with
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tended over a period of almost three years, fully justify the conclu-
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the latter alone would have sufficed to make him famous. Although
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the classification of the nLleSe? tls Cet c W^^^ 7171- ^''^'''''^
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tirely contrary to every rule with which I had been familiar. It appeared
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proliferating fibrous tissue and atypical regenerated epithehal cells, and there
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curve. That the change was less far reaching in figure 3 than in
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The result of this is a slightly precocious impulse such as is seen in the
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Bartel, J.: Probleme der Tuberkulosefrage, Vienna, Deuticke, 1909.
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methods employed by Claypon and Starling were as follows. They first deter-
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The sign may, therefore, be looked on as one capable of detection
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* L. c, pag. 257. Veiiiig and others follow tlie doctrine of Cangliuniilla,
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always incurable. But, like hysteria, hypochondriasis
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13. Mines, G. R., On the Action of Muscarin on the Electrical Response of the
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identified as the filariform larvse of Strongyloides intestinaUs. The lar-
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multiplication one animal was killed and its defibrinated blood, up to
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were found, with merely a slight reaction from the periosteum and

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health