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consistency (figure 6), and the edema and cellular infiltration have

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tricular rhythms. The rate of the ventricle is, however, more rapid than

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To physicians belongs no small proportion of respon-

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lethal dose of pneumococci in a passively immunized rabbit, the

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of the first symptoms of lues, as well as on the tuberculous infection

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tions, have sometimes been able to ran out quickly, when

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as large in the old epithelium as in the rat and in the pigeon.

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sa for tl e t """P''™.'"^'^ ™- --"-™. o^ that the conditions neces-

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at the same time. In the sixth the left vagus was cut seven days after a right-

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of cattle, and stated that the second or later injection had a fatal effect.

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The gland capsule and stroma hypertrophy parallel with the epithelial

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Smith, F. C, Charlotte; Jeff., 1921; U.N.C 1921 1925

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voice. Fremitus came through. The abdomen was soft; the liver and spleen

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of heart action — in all probability due to the substances of the culture

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progressive amounts of ammonium sulphate, a point where the

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tlie diaphragm. The effect of 300 c.c. of 7 per cent, salt solution was to raise

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of the antibodies against the bacilli. In the period d to e therefore the

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tion of the fibrous capsule is frequent. Cysts of this origin make up the

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same culture used in experiment 5. June 19. Killed. Loss of weight, 2 per

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coccus can be isolated from the sputum of a large percentage of

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Disease of the adrenal bodies is to be mentioned as a possible factor,

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and three days, respectively. One animal showed uniform congestion of all lobes

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them for two and a half years. It seemed practically impossible to cure patients

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did not return during the next hour. The blood pressure was raised by a

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dangerous diseases of, and accidents to, the mother during

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health