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proved or modified by the proposed "Medical Acts (1858) Amendment
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wards. He simply maintained that by doing so there was greater ease
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or Surgical Examination, until after the termination of the fourth year of
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extensive effusion into the pericardium, caused by a
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stroyed, a spacious choir and transepts were added eastward of the cen-
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tion, and, in case of active service, must completely break down for
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is rendered much less prevalent. This must be so, when the discharges
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Scarcely any of our modern authors on optics have taken the trouble
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all natural rehgion, as a direct intuition of a cause in nature adapting to
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Ophthalmoscope as an agent of diagnosis. The eye-affections often gave
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spective districts, and to point out by what means or precautionary
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on the surface of the lower lobe. There were numerous bulla;, vailing
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the operation-room in the centre; the whole bearing a strong resem-
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week. The clerk to the guardians forwarded to the vestry an extract
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had the honour to be in practice as a physician), numerous cases came
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knowing for what he was required, and, being without instruments, had
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to conduct the examinations, with as complete and practical a clinical
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at Bootle, on Medical Charities and Sanitary Reform, is familiar to our
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judged. It will long be for us a subject both of pride and pleasure that
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rather too much to expect that, if tubercle were once deposited in the
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acknowledged, which, we are informed, was not the case last year.
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as we do practically, the susceptibility of the two great maternal organs
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recreations. After neurotics have been used for a fortnight, if the pa-
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but a scanty ill-smelling discharge, which caused the patient to desire
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Six weeks before admission, the thighs and lower part of the back were
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Society, in recognition of his valuable and disinterested services as re-
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general. The tendency of class regulations is not generally thought to be
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location of the odontoid process. One kidney weighed loj ozs. , the
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might be proud to carry out. No other country possesses such a well
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nent in the .service of the Society. Surgeon Rcpresentatiz>i of the Com-
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KINGSBRIDGE UNION, Deron- Medical Officer for District No. 2; apphca-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health