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necessary for the next month, all who are not subscribers are particularly
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pendently of food. The pain is often intense, may extend into the back,
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heavy wood or iron. The habit of defecation at a certain time must also
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as the cause of the severe symptoms, if there is a history of oliguria and
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SYMPTOMS. The hemorrhages are mild or severe, usually a slow
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power air is driven into the lungs. For the details of apparatus and
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internal orifice of the sinus, and gradually brought it out through the
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These have been called the pseudo-diphtheria bacillus, but recent inves-
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Esbach's albuminimeter offers a convenient means of approximately
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the contents having the properties of pancreatic juice, and yet a large
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but especially by an excess of uric acid in the urine and the frequent de-
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ness may be associated. The patient loses strength and becomes pale.
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material, purging with salines or with the elaterin pill (see formula 25)
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Two forms of muscular rigidity occur in hemiplegia, in each case with
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An absorption of fluid takes place from the dead material, which thus
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the digestion and produce diarrhoea, and on occasion must be used.
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and collapse guarded against. External heat, by means of the hot- water
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The acute abscess is to be distinguished from gangrene by the greater
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is to be injected as the initial dose, and the remainder is to be divided
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traumatisms. The nervous headaches spoken of elsewhere (see page 457)
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lies of the genital organs have been recorded. Sacara-Tulbure asserts
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to be followed in an hour by a brisk cathartic. Tseniin is stated by
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cases the subject is aggressive. It is in such instances that the marked
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quently an otherwise normal kidney is freely movable even within wide
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the whole surface of the body, beginning as small, bright, deep rose or
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and respiration, tracheal rales, prune-juice sputum, stertorous breathing,
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Macaroni cooked without cheese, rice, and milk foods are usually suit-
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PROGNOSIS. Acute catarrhal jaundice usually terminates favorably

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