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butions to the literature of his specialty (ophthalmology) are worthy

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molestiam extraordlnariam* The Holy Scripture says :

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not room for difference of opinion as to the relative amount of space tL.? different

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weights of the livers, and are as follows : 4.3, 7.6, 18.7, 17.1, 16.4, 9.9, 7.Z, and 15.

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B. Simple adenomata include those rounded encapsulated growths

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Of great interest is the apparent recovery of the patient alter periods

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eczematous lesion of the neck. In two of the twenty-five tubes con-

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The report is on the whole constructive, and will no doubt serve to crystallize

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were identical with those found in putrefying meat. Whether these findings could

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Our results on normal dogs, which are summarized in Table 7, accord

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the next morning. It will be noted that the fibers are very irregular

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rin especially in those suffering with scrofulosis. The results with regard

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alone, or both, are concerned in the production of this hormone.

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possibility of averting the disease by completely separating the digestive from

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touically contracted walls, and the conclusions are not at all justified. He

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Tydeman, F. W. L., San Francisco, California; N. C. Med. Coll.,

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Microphotographs have been made of a number of the living cul-

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but vomiting occurred. The next urine voided, at 5:30 a. m. May 17, had the

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IS. Quoted by Macfie: Air and Health, E. P. Button & Co., New York, 1909,

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sure became distinct and prominent in spite of the paralysis of the diaphragm

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for guidance in a matter about which there is so much genuine difference

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in mind in the study of simple stained smear preparations for the

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individual is large for the body weight or small. It depends, according

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to tuberculosis may be occasioned. It is important to bear in mind because it has

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health