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Second Vice President — Fkank C. Smith, M.D Charlotte
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Necrosis produced by chloroform, phosphorus, and similar sub-
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the return of the radial pulse. The same flushing, sweating and deep
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immunization was successful; the other was used for the Abderhalden test as
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not produce changes in the T wave. We have, however, an instance
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pest headed by Bohr and Tang], respectively, that we are indebted for the
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ance this work Avould probably never have been completed." Dr.
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portions of a large tumor of our 2d generation from Rous's 21 st. These were
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never been secured in the solid medium.^ However, the growth in
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others died within 4 hours of each other in sudden and violent paroxysms, about
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weights and percentages and for the variation in the iodin indices, that
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with hirudin only, the mortality was smaller; vis., 15 per cent. We
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took the first one or two feedings freely. After this time it was
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red blood-cells and the hemoglobin. The nature of this variation is
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this to be the case. Engel and Bauer, who have the largest experience,
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chest; the wound in the chest wall was entirely closed by a plate of fibrin. This
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Pirquetschen Hautreaktion, Arch. f. Dermat. u. Syph., 1909, xciv, 335.
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and the surface by the same formula would be 2.089 sq. M. This makes
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Sprinkle, C. N., Weaverville; Jeff. Med. Coll., 1910; U.N.C 1910 1922
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various problems concerning internal secretions, has succeeded in the colossal
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lary endothelium. In a comparatively large number of our rabbits,
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6. See references given by Norris and Pappenheimer : Jour. Exper. Med.,
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This calcium soap hypothesis is certainly a most attractive one, and
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articles have appeared from the clinic of Finkelstein, which have shown
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January 1 ; 17 injections of saline extract of pregnant rabbit ovaries ; 34 ovaries used.
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intake aggregating 8,000 c.c. followed by an outgo of 6,720 c.c. On the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health