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Studien iiber das Vakzinevirus, Miinchen. med. IVchnschr., 1909, Ivi, 2627.

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More marked secondary changes of the bones occurred after birth

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also placenta and serum of pregnant rats, in addition to the fetus extracts.

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Crow, S. L., Asheville; Emory Univ., 1925 1926 1927

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knowledge. The need, nevertheless, exists, and it would

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urements of normal hearts have been published by Dietlen,^ GroedeP- *

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This case represents the prototype of renal insufficiency in animals

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covered its level within a few minutes. The respiration was not stopped at all

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ciency in prothrombin associated with a leucocytosis (experiment K).

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ing the normal pressure within the peritoneal cavity, which will be fol-

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of 1.2 grams or even less of the dried leaves^ of digitalis has been

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injurious to mother or child. But certainty on this very

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culin, and one of these substances caused dilated vessels, with a fall in

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thins as extracted from the human heart, and the amboceptor content of

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tiny dew-drop colonies. Unless there was an overwhelming number

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seem to lose this quality after a single instance of infection, and not

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open one; but members of both groups may cause epidemics.

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for all cells of the body which contain fat do not undergo necrosis.

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either case the type of lesion that later develops. In this study

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days after the earliest milk feeding. In every instance the bouillon culture was

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water manometer and l)ougie in the rectum and stomach. Xormal pres-

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Chart 6. — Case 6 (Hosp. Xo. 166,029). Man, aged 44. Chronic glomerulo-

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theria cases, but no report has been made showing that diphtheria

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through the parenchyma of the organ. Similar nodules are found in both kid-

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the remainder, including the control, showed little or no exudative reaction.

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The whites of the "parasites present" group show a considerably

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health