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1. The amount of base excreted in the urine in acidosis, while follow-

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The microorganism inoculated may be recovered in cultures from

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their allergic phenomena described in the first part, with the name of

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could be spared for the purpose, secure results which we could be sure

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Heated plasma. Thrombin. Time interval. Fibrinogen solution. Coagulation.

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serted into the subcutaneous tissues of two series of guinea pigs.

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pig survives the acute shock and is injected again a short time afterward,

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which leucocytic proteases are well developed fdogs and man)

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vomitus, which at first had consisted chiefly of a greenish-yellow fluid, now

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salts are first deposited in normal ossification they are in a finely granular

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How are we to account for these various manifestations ? One of the

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Eight rabbits were given daily doses of benzol subcutaneously until the

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became more pronounced, and on the sixth day only the right side presented the

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nition of an organic cause of the diseases in question. Tliis doctrine

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One might fancy that the course of events during these periods is as

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was, therefore, given a five-day preliminary period on the same diet. This was

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of living Shiga bacilli were injected. The dose was four loops on the first,

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4. Fomites. — Park" isolated living Klebs-Loeffler bacilli from a tiny

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prepared with the adult organism X, and table III the results with

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first to die, indicating that the chief efifect of the preliminary treat-

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Outlaw, J. K., Albemarle; Syracuse Univ., 1923; Wake Forest,

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President: Martin, Moir S., Mt. Airy; Univ. Coll. of Med., Va.,

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Comparative Protective Value of Globulin Fractions Precipitated by Ammonium

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tPatterson, H. S.: Parasites Found in New York City, The Archives Int.

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no result, while the second was very efficient. Cases 2, G, 7 and 8 illus-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health