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five annually, giving an aggregate for the past twenty years

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of all. " In 1347 a Statute of Provence ordered the magis-

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the stomach in proper condition, regulate the circulation, establish

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even by a narro^v and flattened speculum, was impossible.

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was impaired nutrition of many years' standing, and no direct

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healthy persons may be quite inaudible on the left side of the

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part of the chest wall. A bulging of the lower part of the right

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.Nathnn K. Brill. A study of 17 cases of a disease clinically rosomblinn typhoid

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warty excrescences or ulceration; catarrhal diseases of the

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float will impinge on its sides and thereby cause it to become

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severe pain referred to the splenic region and also very severe

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days) with ^^ piece-meal winning this acre first, then that"

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concealed parts we are obliged to rely upon the first, and the

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endeavored to account for all the phenomena hy the gen-

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Indications. — A constant desire to urinate, with but little re-

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Registrar of the Metropolitan Board of Health, and includes

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(4.) The Curette is introduced through the wound of the

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finally of the spinal and cerebral nervous systems.

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teats, and udder. They seldom give any trouble to the cov/,

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lutions, combinations, and decompositions, by means of which

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placed the drainage-tube on the left, entering the peritoneal

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researches on the function and diseases of the thy-

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taken into consideration as causing an increase of pigment.

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form. Stringhalt generally comes on very slowly, but

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one to overlook them. It seldom, if ever, disturbs the stomach,

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active circulation — we want a remedy that will remove irritation

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selves extraordinary,) as to require a second operation for

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antagonist of the other muscles in their efforts to enlarge the trans-

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when the reproductive powers are active, but it is always a law

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imperfect secondary assimilation and inefficient working of the

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allays thirst and helps to keep up the animal's strength. Re-

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bute to the movements. If the linea alba of the dog is slit from the

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about two hours, then falls and rises again in the later hours

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appearance, this drug exerts an influence which makes for normal

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Mitchella has been extensively and beneficially employed in

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partially filled. If then the finger should be made to feel

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useful information, and is well executed in every particu-

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meal, and bran in good proportion, with only sufficient

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health