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developing while under obsen^ation in the ward. Her temperature

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suprarenal capsule may well lead to the same symptoms, so far as the

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orations galore, and there will be fireworks in the

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flammation ; alveolar absorption ; pyorrhea ; stoma-

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dition of a little fresh normal serum to the mixture


organization of the cells, on the other, the result must follow as surely

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electric bath " will probably be looked on by therapeutic skeptics as

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other things, of the foil 0A\'ing r Marked burnmg in the

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not very clear. It had seldom been found in the tu-

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cer of the breast is very easy to recognize if fully

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that the real danger in which the patient stands is fully known. The more

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thelium, polynuclear leucocytes, and short rod-bacilli, single or in small

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in the care of the sick and injured, not only in war,

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355 deaths of children under five years of age, of whom

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a limited extent, is contagious before, during, and

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medication in a case of dysentery, malaria, or tropi-

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a single injection, and that in the doses which they

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culosis, 112 cases, 62 deaths; pneumonia, 12 cases. 53

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truth is that color perception is only a thing which

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cease during sleep, are increased by excitement, and may or may not be

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removed. These cases have done remarkably well. One is quite well ; can

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tuberculosis, Dr. Satterthwaite said that statistics

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do also the malign ulcerous syphilides, the rupia, the

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frequently produces no satisfactory results in cases of chlorosis, other

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has effected a cure. The severity of the latter opera-

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ray mind that almost all cases of chronic eczema of the anus (and there

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then often repeated at short intervals. As a result

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ting ofif infection, there is a beneficial influence on

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seventh day. May 9th, the patient was so weak and ill that it was

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an hour's boiling before being used by any one else.

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^ Has Patient been outside of New York City during the month previous to

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ence to the adjustment of the organism to the conditions causing cardiac

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morbid conditions. We have satisfactory mechanical explanations for

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on early in the disease to a fatty degeneration, which

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health