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from a peripheric irritation, acceptable in the theory of primitive
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F., the lowest range should not go below 92 F., nor the highest
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children by milk of tubercular cows becomes a still more burning
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tion be now put ? " If this motion be resolved in the affirmative, the original question is to
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mucous patches upon the tongue, which had existed for six months,
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the Act then, or now, or any time, and going beyond our jurisdiction, is just about as sure
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possibly hunt up all the changes that have occurred since our last Register was printed.
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As a rule the human system has the power of accommodating
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Moore, Brockville, Ont., are hereby appointed the committee for the purpose of said section
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During the investigation I took exception at the various stages against the reception of what
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site Westminster Abbey and close to all the big West End hotels. From
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Failure to effect a symptomatic cure cannot be charged to
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ton University and his own appreciation of his personal acquaintance with
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such patients it is necessary not only to explain the technic of the
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name off, he must again commit the offence — not offend against the code of some medical
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The late Dr. H. B. Bowditch by his will bequeathed to Harvard Medi-
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into the toe of the shoe. Then, too, if the shoe worn is narrower
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and mother both living. No brothers or sisters. Past history : —
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who was unable to walk. She presented a general senile tremor and a tum-
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is good for the patient that we should practise that deception.
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food is bound to take into the body lots of things which are toxines. If he
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sion was strained through fine-meshed gauze and put away on the
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not know from whom the first one of these so-called editorials emanated. It was said that
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or heard or read by him, becomes stored in his brain, and joins
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yet a territorial representative might be ever so able and, as Dr. Thornton has st<ited, unless
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dence, Chairman of the Local Committee of Arrangements, and Dr. John
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depravity had developed in him both sympathy and charity, and
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Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear. Ballinger. 3rd Ed. $5.50. Lea &
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allow yourself to be led into buying the cheaper products and
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said in the head of the executive department from which such bureau, divi-
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is known as detrimental and as bringing personal unhappiness,
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testinal derangements, as well as the abuse of alcohol, tobacco
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every Council in Canada a copy of the statutes and of the regulations in connection with the
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Mr. T. A. Earl, son of Dr. George H. Earl, of Boston, was recently mar-
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every twenty-eighth day, the mass benefit would be incalculable.
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;; 5. That the environment, work, exercise and rest of patients
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for several weeks; the staggering gait did not improve. He lost his former
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understanding of what in reality Homoeopathy consists. Likewise
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last year she never attempted to walk on acount of a marked unsteadiness
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Johns Hopkins University; Professor of Medicine, Indiana University
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the abdominal cavity? I am certain that I drain less
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of themselves and of their time. Dr. Whitmarsh was indefatigable,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health